App Information

This section is to provide some guidance on what is contained in the application, and how things work.


There are three items that you can record:

  1. Countries
  2. Districts of each country (or states, counties etc.)
  3. Major cities of each country

You can record for each of the above items whether you have:

  1. Been (if you lived there or visited for a period of time)
  2. Layover (for example if you only set foot in the place to change flights)
  3. Going (your wish list of places to visit in the future)

You could of course use the above categories as you wish, but that is their intended design.

Where to Select the Data?


All countries are listed on the initial app page. They are broken down into “Regions” of the world to make it a little easier to browse. Just go the section you like and hit the orange down arrow on the bottom right and a list will expand showing you the countries for that region. The list has checkboxes for each of the three record (been, stopover and going) options.

You will notice that the ‘World’ area does not have any checkboxes. Instead it features the statistics for the world, continents and regions, so you can keep track of where you are up to.

You can of course use the explore button on each of the sections to browse an interactive map view of the region as well. Touching the country of interest will cycle through the options with every subsequent touch of the country.

Districts and Cities

CTo access the districts go into one of the regions on the main page and touch the name of a country from the list. A new window will open which contains three tabs. The first tab contains information about the country. The second contains a list of districts for that country and the third a list of major cities for that country.

As with the countries there is also a explore button that allows you to use an interactive map for both the districts and cities of each country.

Direct Access

If you know the name of the country, district or city you can use the search option, which will give you the option of setting the Been, Stopover or Going options directly. Otherwise tap on the name and it will take you to the appropriate area of the app.

Saving and Sharing

The app has the ability to produce a picture file that you can save or share. The picture contains the map and statistics based on the been, stopover and going data.

There are ‘save’ and ‘share’ buttons on each of the main sections of the front page and on the district and city tabs for each country.


Some people may want to save not only the smaller regions of the world but also the continents. If you tap the ‘save’ or ‘share’ buttons on the ‘World’ area you will have an option to save a map for the world or any of the seven continents.

Where Does it Save?

If you choose to save a picture file it will appear on your internal storage under the folder ‘Wanderfile’.


If you login with your google account you can take advantage of cloud backup, so you never have to worry about losing any of your data.

As you are using the app, the places you select will be automatically synced with our servers. This will ensure that if you switch devices or lose your device, you can get all of your data loaded straight onto another device without going through the whole process again.

Can I Delete My Data on the Server?

If you want to reset your data to start again, or just remove your data forever, you can do it straight from the settings menu in the app with a couple of taps. ALL your data will be purged from the app and our server. Please note that if you are signed into more than one device you will need to repeat this process on each device to ensure all locally stored data is removed from each device.

CAUTION: if you delete your account there is no way for me to retrieve it. It is gone forever.